Web Site Design Examples

Here are a some examples of a few of the web sites we have designed.

All of our web sites are designed individually for our clients.


Atkin Electrical


We initially provided Atkin Electrical with both printed materials and garments.

We were then asked to create a content managed web site based on the information within his old web site he’d previously had made by another designer.


Bella Hog - The Hog Roast Catering Specialists


Building the site using a CMS (content managed system) not only allows quick alterations to be made but also makes it better for us to promote both the sites within search engines.


Best Step Flooring

Best Step Flooring

We were approached by the owner of Best Step Flooring initially to quote for a sign for the facia for his shop.

Once he realised that we not only make signs but also web sites and print we were commissioned to provide him with a complete advertising package.



BPH Engineering Ltd

We initially designed manufactured and installed  new factory signage for BPH

Then we was asked to design a new content managed web site as their old one could no longer be maintained due to losing contact with the old designer and the site being locked to an old hosting company.



Fox Services

After Fox Services were convinced by yell.com that he would get more business if they designed them a web site and promoted it didn’t pay off as they expected they asked us what we could do to help.

So we designed them their new web site along with resigning their vehicles and producing promotional leaflets etc and we are proud to say they are now getting job enquires from the web site.



Georgina Wild


We was asked by Georgina if we could help her achieve a greater search engine ranking after her attempt at making a web site using wix on a build your own service providers web site did not rank her site.

So we designed a CMS based web site that she can maintain herself using the information she had already put in her old web site.


Gteck Electrical

Gteck Electrical

The Gteck Electrical web site is an example of the many Web Presence Package web sites we design.

Our WEB PRESENCE PACKAGE costs just £190.00 and includes the following:

  • .co.uk domain name registration and domain hosting (1 year)
  • Single page web design
  • Enquiry form
  • Submission to the Google search engine



GW Dawes


We initially started working for GW Dawes many years ago, maintaining their computer systems and office network. We have maintained a good working relationship with GW Dawes ever since and are now one of our oldest clients to date.

We designed a content managed web site for them so they could make their own changes to their latest news page in which they show some of the projects they have worked on.



Harthill Developments

We started working for Harthill Developments doing their printed stationery such as business cards etc, then was asked by them to design a web site to replace their very old and tired site they’d had for many years.

We set about designing their new web site by visiting the premises and taking multiple images of their premises and machinery etc, Then the creation of their site started.



KMH Brickwork

KMH Brickwork

We started working for KMH brickwork initially designing and producing their business stationery, after which we were asked to do their vehicle signage and web site.

Building the site using a CMS (content managed system) not only allows quick alterations to be made but also makes it better for us to promote the sites within search engines.


MAW Building Services

MAW Building Solutions

We were approached by MAW services and asked to design them a web site which could easily be updated with new images from their building projects as they were completed.

We built their web site using a CMS (content managed system) not only allows quick alterations to be made but also makes it better for us to promote both the sites within search engines.


MFD Design

MFD Design & Build

We were approached by Mark the owner of MFD to brand his business in order to produce business stationery and vehicle signage for them.

Unfortunately he chose to have his web site designed by a different company but after he started to have hassle and difficulties contacting his initial web design company to make changes to his web site he came to us asking if we could help in any way!

We started off by replicating his old web site content and basic layout using html, and once we had completed the web site on our test server we made the request to transfer his domain name over to our hosting company with the least effect to his existing web presence.



Microfilm Business Systems

We initially manufactured printed material for MBS and after not achieving the web traffic they required from their old web site we was asked to make them a new content managed site to help promote the services they have to offer.



MM Electrical Contracting Ltd

We initially started working for MM Electrical by providing their business stationery for them, as their business grew we we made their industrial unit signs and finally their web site.

We built the web site using a CMS (content managed system) which allows quick alterations to be made and makes it better for us to promote both the sites within search engines.


Perfect Finish Events

Perfect Finish Venue Styling

The owner came to us initially to design and print leaflets for her, but since then we have designed and printed various leaflets, business cards, pull up displays and vehicle signage etc.

She then asked us to redesign her a new site web site to replace her slow and broken 1&1 web site.

The site uses a CMS (content managed system) which allows Nicola to use her Latest News page as a blog to let her potential clients know which wedding fairs she will be attending along with displaying the brilliant feedback she gets. But most importantly allows her to view her Google analytics easily.


Rogers Driving School

RK Driving School

We initially started working for Roger the owner of RK Driving school by printing his business cards.

A couple of years ago he asked us about a web site/ online campaign he had been paying for from another company, which we thought was extortionate especially has he’d had no return from his investment.

So we offered to build him an affordable web site with no hidden costs. Since which he has enjoyed the enquiries and work his web site has and still gives him.



Take Time 4 Beauty


Take Time 4 Beauty had the full works when promoting their business.

A content managed web site with matching business stationery and beauty salon signage.



The Duke Of Leeds

We have designed and printed various items for the owner of The duke of Leeds for several of his previous public houses for several years.

When he bought The Duke Of Leeds we were asked to design and print menus, business cards and various posters. Along with design a new web site to help promote his latest business.


Wilder Electrical

Wilder Electrical Liimited

We were asked Wilder Electrical to design them business stationery and a web site.

We designed their web site using HTML and javascript routines.


Vanilla By Sara

Vanilla By Sara

After purchasing her first but already established hair dressing salon from the previous owners, Sara wanted to try and promote the business she now owned even more.

She came to us asking for our help, we started by producing various promotional literature. She was so impressed by the work we produced but at the same time not happy with the web site and the cost of running the web site the business already had when she bought the business she asked us to produce her a new web site to replace it.

Sara supplied us with the images she wanted to use on the web site along with relevant text for each of the pages. The combination of the new web site and promotional products we produced saw the business profit increase substantially.


The examples above are just a few of the web sites we have created and maintain, if you would like to speak to us about creating or maintaining a web site for you please contact us on +44 (0)114 2433897 – +44 (0)1709 916145 or +44 (0)7967507898.